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Mythic Raiding Guild

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We’re Insert More Coins, a semi-hardcore Mythic Raiding Team. Our winning strategy is adhering to three characteristics that define us as gamers: dedication, talent, and passion. We’ve experienced amazing victories and success by never wavering from these foundations. 

We are a fun, friendly, active guild composed of new and veteran players. We have a great culture balanced for progression and having fun simultaneously. Our guild is LGBTQIA+ friendly & drama-free.  For those joining us, we offer fun and caring, yet focused during raids environment, with respect to real-life responsibilities, and stripped of drama and toxicity.

Our guild was initially established back on October 18, 2020. From the very start, we pride ourselves on having a culture geared towards keeping a friendly, light-hearted atmosphere at all times. We work hard to make this a place where you can find comfort and ease while simultaneously experiencing the competitive aspect of mythic raiding. As a result, our raiders were able to find the right balance between having fun and, at the same time, having a serious attitude about the progression.

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